Discover Roses from the sea, land and air with activities suitable for all audiences and ages. For sea-lovers, the wide offer of tourism in Roses allows various disciplines to be practiced, such as scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing or sailing on speed boats, jet skis and catamarans, among other options.

If you prefer land sports, there are endless possibilities for cycling or hiking with breath-taking trails from where you can enjoy the scenery of the Costa Brava. There are even tours for motor vehicles, such as quads, motorcycles and ATVs. Besides, the area offers the opportunity to practice sports aerial adventures like paragliding, parachuting and parasailing.

If travelling with children, you will find interesting activities for families in Roses: children's shows, a ride on the unusual tourist train, or play beach games and activities.

Enjoy an unforgettable holiday on the Costa Brava, full of adventure and fun guaranteed.


Parasailing is a very innovative discipline in Spain, consisting of a parachute attached to a boat that propels you up to 150 metres above the sea. The launch and recovery system uses technology that ensures easy lifting and landing directly on the boat platform that can accommodate 12 passengers.

Enjoy a unique experience with stunning views over the coast of Roses.


One of the charms of the Costa Brava is to contemplate it from sea; the beauty of the cliffs, fishing villages and the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea can only be enjoyed from a boat out at sea.

To enable this unforgettable experience, from our base at Santa Margarida Pier, we offer the hire of one of our boats (with or without license), so you can get to know our magnificent beaches and enjoy the freedom of sailing on the Mediterranean!


One way to enjoy a family day out on the Costa Brava is going on a jet ski excursion. Discover the beaches and coves of the Bay of Roses or Cadaqués at full speed, a very refreshing activity.
Enjoy the organized excursions to Punta Falconera lasting 30 minutes, to the beach of La Pelosa 40 minutes, Punta Figuera 1 hour and Cadaqués 2 hours.


The Monster is a speed boat that reaches demon-driven speeds at sea, 450CV power gives a sensation of incredible speed, with braking and skidding over the sea that makes you vibrate. This service, imported into Spain from New Zealand, that can be enjoyed on the beach of Roses service, is a fun and refreshing activity in the summer.


The catamaran MAGIC offers outings to suit all tastes. For families, the most recommended are half-day excursions, leaving from Roses and arriving to the Cap de Creus with two slots, from 10 am to 3 pm from and from 3.30 pm to 8.30 pm, with barbecue included on the catamaran.

Another option especially for couples in love, is to enjoy a Mediterranean sunset which are completely magical as the name of the catamaran suggests. The sunset cruises as they are called, set out between 9 pm and 11 pm and the service includes a glass of champagne.


A fun activity to do with family or friends is Flyfish which consists of a water bed attached to a speed boat that drives it while the occupants of the water bed get refreshed throughout the process. The goal is to keep clinging to the water bed, as the pilot of the boat carries out different manoeuvres in an attempt to dislodge the occupants. This is an activity for all ages and highly recommended for summer.


Flyboard is a water activity that has become very fashionable lately and appears in every magazine. It is based on a propulsion system that makes you shoot out of the water while performing several manoeuvres in and out of it.

It is an activity that the whole family can do, very refreshing to enjoy the summer without any risk of danger since it is fully supervised by instructors.


The banana is a fun activity for all ages and families. It is a way to enjoy the sea, the summer and the Costa Brava. It is based on an inflatable tube towed by a boat where the seated occupants must try not to be defeated by the pilot of the boat, who will try to make everyone fall off through its movements.